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I am currently a lecturer and artistic research coach for the Master of Music at Fontys University of Fine and Performing Arts, Tilburg; and artistic research coach for the Master of Music at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam, both in The Netherlands. Part of my professional activities as educator and researcher include lectures, seminars and workshops on music and (artistic) research in several universities and institutions around the globe. 

I also work as a piano and chamber music teacher. In addition, I give workshops in Argentina and Europe (specially Italy and The Netherlands) which mainly focus on tango music performance and creation.

Since 1995 and up to nowadays, I have had an intense activity as a music teacher, my fields of specialisation being piano, chamber music, tango (both piano and ensemble), orchestration, and arrangement. I have also worked as a music teacher at primary and high schools. Some of the institutions where I have worked include “American International School of Rotterdam”, The Netherlands; Stichting “Quercus Musica”, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; “Rootz Muziekscholen”, Delft, The Netherlands; “A. Mandelli” school, Milan, Italy; “Istituto Sacro Cuore”, Milan, Italy; National Music School Rufino, Argentina; Statal Schools “L. Rouillan” and “L. Herrera”, Rosario, Argentina.


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